Jennefer’s Reiki Initiative for Positive Mental Health

Illness is not a choice… Actively caring for your mental health IS

One year ago on May 15, 2022, Jennefer lost her brother Larry to suicide — a topic she says, doesn’t get talked about enough. Now she is on a mission to get people talking about it while supporting their own mental health, in the hopes of preventing further loss.

She calls her fundraiser, Jennefer’s Reiki Initiative for Positive Mental Health. She hopes to train 500 people in the practice while raising much-needed funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division.

“My life is marked in two simple words; before Larry took his life, and after,” Jennefer says. “Tragically suicide affects a large portion of our society and most times when people are experiencing suicidal thoughts, we don’t know until it’s too late. It’s this unspoken shame we carry, which only serves to perpetuate the issue for both the individuals who struggle and the families who worry for them.”

In the difficult months that followed Larry’s passing, Jennefer, who studied Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and now helps clients move through trauma, changing patterns and behaviours, managed to work through her grief using all the tools she knows. The idea to use Reiki to promote and support mental health came during her healing process.

“This practice has been a huge part of helping me process grief and loss and I am really driven to help others learn this practice to help process their traumas, including grief and loss,” she says.

“For me this is a healing practice — it gives you the tools to heal our hearts, minds, and bodies. Think about it — when you feel good, when you’re well, you’re kinder, gentler, more empathetic. And when you’re out in the world projecting that, you never know how it will impact someone. Our interactions with others have a lasting affect — positively and negatively.”

Jennefer says the goal of her fundraiser is to create “a wave of compassion.”

“I didn’t really know what my brother was going through and what drove him to that moment, but I often think about how the smallest thing can impact you one way or the other. What interactions did he have while he was struggling? How could kindness and empathy have potentially changed the course of his day? My brother was kind and showed so much compassion for others. He would be the first to comment on a post or try and cheer you up. If I can honour him by helping people access compassion — even when it’s hard — and I know it is HARD some days, I’ll have met my goal.”

To set up a consult with Jennefer or learn more about her story and Jennefer’s Reiki Initiative for Positive Mental Health, please click the link to book a chat.

Aiming for Positive Mental Health with a Beautiful Purpose

I’ve chosen to make something positive from my grief and the loss of my brother, in the sincere hopes that this helps at least one other person either questioning their own existence, or for someone affected by this most tragic decision.

This is such an exciting goal, with such a beautiful purpose. It is my way of turning tragedy into hope. A hope for a better support system for everyone struggling with mental health. So, I will be donating $25 from each registration to CMHA and their work towards Suicide Prevention Program and CAMH.

Thank you for helping me achieve my goal, and providing the tools and guidance we need for positive mental health in our society.

Jennefer being interviewed on Global TV

My Global News Interview

On Monday June 12th Jennefer sat down with Eilish Bonang of Global TV Halifax and talked about Larry, her Reiki Initiative, and how important it is for society to find compassion and empathy for people struggling with their mental health.

Reiki Training

Reiki training allows for an awakening of your consciousness, an expansion of your empathy and compassion, and an increase in the flow of universal energy. It is my belief that people who are Reiki trained are better equipped to hold space for others as well as for themselves.

To learn more about the different training levels, please follow this link. I would love to walk this path with you.


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