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Have you been navigating your life in a state of overwhelm? Do you seemingly thrive on chaos, yet battle feelings of depletion or depression?

Did you survive a traumatic childhood and are still searching for peace and a way to release your patterns and triggers?

This is the purpose and mission behind Tiger Lily Therapies and our new Institute.

Through gentle and effective methods using Reiki, Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy, you can create the change you are searching for, and bring calm back into your daily life.

Jennefer is board designated in 42 countries and is a trainer in Krasner Hypnotherapy. Our mission is to help you achieve balance for your Mind, Body and Soul.

Book your Journey Call to discovery how fast and easy your transformation can be.

Medical Aesthetician and Educator, Reiki Teacher/Therapist and Registered Member of the Canadian Reiki Association

Jennefer Davis

Jennefer is a designated NLP Master Coach and Practitioner in Mind Body Medicine and a Trainer in Hypnotherapy with the  American Board for Hypnotherapy and NLP, a globally recognized standard of excellence in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

In the past 30 years, Jennefer’s career experiencehas spanned across Spa & Retail Management, Business Development Management and Education for several Community Colleges in Ontario, and numerous spas across Canada.

Jennefer is currently working on a Reiki Initiative project to support positive mental wellness, after losing her brother to suicide in May 2022. For more information on the Initiative, please continue reading below.

“We must raise our global vibration, empathy and compassion. The surest way I know to do this is through Reiki.”

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She is a Journalism grad from Durham College, and has many articles and fictional work published online and in print. In 2022 she completed her first fictional novel, Sebastian’s Fall, with the goal to see it published in 2024.

Jennefer’s focus is truly on the wellness of each individual. In 2020 she launched Wellness for Cancer treatments for men and women currently receiving or recovering from cancer therapies. Read more about these incredibly supportive treatments in the WFC section.

Whether you’re looking for body treatments, energetic Reiki work and holistic remedies or changing behaviours and old patterns that are holding you back; her intuitive approach to well being will ensure an authentic connection with everyone.

Jennefer is part of the LGBTQ community and offers a supportive and inclusive environment. She is available by appointment in her private Studio in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

Illness is not a Choice…Actively caring for your mental health IS

One year ago on May 15, 2022, Jennefer Davis lost her brother Larry to suicide — a topic she says, doesn’t get talked about enough. Now she is on a mission to get people talking about it while supporting their own mental health, in the hopes of preventing further loss. 

She calls her fundraiser, Jennefer’s Reiki Initiative for Positive Mental Health. Jennefer’s goal is to train 500 people in the practice while raising much-needed funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Halifax and Halton Region Divisions. 

Feature Product


Trinity Pro+ Device featuring exclusive NuFACE 3-Depth Technology to target facial skin and muscles.

What Makes It Special


  • Unlock app-exclusive NuFACE 3-Depth Technology to target your skin + muscles to instantly* blur fine lines and wrinkles, give your face a tighter, lifted look and a toned and contoured appearance over time**
  • Boost-Button amps up 25% more microcurrent for areas you need the extra TLC (tone, lift, and contour).

NuFACE Smart App:

  • Access to professional step-by-step tutorials tailored to you.
  • Selfie Tracker allows you to see progress and celebrate your achievements.
  • Custom reminders to help you stay on track.

Price:  $535
Each kit includes Trinity+ Pro smart device, Aqua Gel Activator 50ml, Firm Silk Cream Activator 15ml and Clean Sweep Brush. 

Upcoming Events

Reiki Level I & II Training

Level I $444 + tax
Level II $555 + tax

Dates and Times: (In the event of inclement weather, alternative dates will be posted)

Nov 17-19, 2023
Fri 6-10pm
Sat 10-5pm
Sun 10-4pm

Fri 6-10pm
Sat 10-5pm
Sun 10-4pm

Fri 6-10pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 10am-4pm

Fri 6-10pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 10am-4pm

By Appointment

Three week days
over three weeks

Earn your Krasner Hypnotherapy Designation

Start using the best mind tools in the world!

What is Hynposis Training?

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to create a change in strategies, and has been used for centuries to create fast and effect changes in patterns and behaviours, such as smoking cessation, weight management, motivation, and pain control.

Who is this training for?
This training is excellent for anyone who wants to expand their practice or learn a modality that sets clients up for success, while getting maximum hands on experience.

Course will be conducted through Zoom and details shared upon registration. 

Three Day Course fee is regularly $2200 CDN
Intro price is $1697 +tx and is a 100% tax deduction as it is a designation course. 

Learn how to help your clients meet their goals by letting go of patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them. Meet your own goals with a business model that is achievable and puts You in control of your future!

Book your seat now for Friday Mar 1st to Sunday Mar 3rd

Friday 6-10pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm


$300 per person

All Hypnosis is self hypnosis. You’ll learn how to gain a powerful connection with your unconscious mind and get the results you’ve been searching for.

The Unconscious Mind is the part of you that runs your body. It allows you to breathe while you sleep. It makes your heart beat. It causes your nerves to send information along the neural pathways.

The Unconscious Mind is the source of the intelligence of your body and Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy allow you to tap into the power of the Unconscious Mind to change your life for the better.

This two hour course will teach you the basics in harnessing your unconscious mind and improving your habits and motivation skills.


Make Positive Changes

in 2024!

Have you tried traditional therapies to change your life, and haven’t quite been able to meet your goals?

  • Do you have patterns and behaviours you’d like to change?
  • Have you made countless New Years resolutions that you fail to achieve?
  • Do you frequently feel anxious?
  • Are you worrying about issues that are out of your control?
  • Have you developed nervous habits?
  • Are you frequently depressed or sad?

If so, please book now to discover how you can easily and effortlessly get through the chaos in your life.

Book now for your personal consultation to see how easy this will be.

What a gift Jennefer has been to me. We met and had an instant connection. Jennefer understood my pain, saw my trauma, and recognized the signs: inflammation, grief, discomfort. She recommended NLP and it seemed like the perfect answer. 

I had tried several modalities to relieve the extreme pain, itch and discomfort of my eczema.  It was debilitating. I couldn’t function. Dishes sat in my kitchen, plants were ignored, laundry piled up. I just wanted to sleep. NLP transformed me. I did the work, under Jennefer’s tender guidance. And the results have been more than just physical. 
Jennefer showed such compassion and empathy. She understood precisely what I was going through, and why earlier attempts to relieve the eczema had failed. I’m at such peace now, comfortable in my (now) calm skin. I feel a new confidence, resilience, and patience. My relationships have improved. Jennefer has provided a means for me to feel more grounded, on the right track, the ballast to keep myself from crashing into the rocks as I navigate this life. 
Thank you. Namaste. 
Jennifer P

Like most people these days, reviews for me are what makes or breaks my decision to do much of anything. So, I’m writing this review because if you are reading this, you’ve found Jennefer for a reason, and I don’t want you to let this opportunity slip by you. Here’s my reason for finding her: I first contacted Jennefer for Level 1 Reiki training. Her 2.5-day weekend certified course intrigued me as others I looked at were only 8 hrs. We had a video call and chatted about what to expect during the weekend. I was so impressed with Jennefer and the weekends schedule; I quickly reserved a spot. The conversation felt so natural with her, that soon I was telling her about how I wanted positive change in my life and how tired I was of conventional therapy not working for me. Jennefer went on to explain about NLP and how it could help make those changes. I decided to give it a try and boy, am I ever grateful I did. After 10 sessions, I truly feel like a better version of myself and it’s about time. Even my family went through some changes, and we all came out for the better. Jennefer and NLP have indeed changed my life for the positive and by extension, the people around me. I’ve finally rid myself of my personal baggage and feel so free!! It’s been a long time since I have felt real joy, happiness, and contentment in my life. What an incredible way to start my Reiki journey. Priceless! Thank you, Jennefer and NLP.
Alexandra McLeod

Wellness for Cancer

Just before Covid, I took part in a special course that taught practitioners how to care for people who have been touched by cancer. We learned that not only are treatments available, but are the key to help you recuperate good health and recover your serenity and energy in order to continuing healing your body.

It is my honour to help individuals who are moving through this difficult process; to offer a sense of wholeness, support, comfort and complete care for your mind, body and spirit.

I welcome you to discover this very unique body wellness treatment that takes into consideration your specific circumstances and requirements. As always, with my whole heart, I am here to be of service.

Just had another wonderful treatment with Jennefer Davis… once again a big 10 out of 10 for how amazing my entire body feels.

The products Jennefer uses as part of her treatments are so amazing! My skin definitely thanks me after a “Tiger Lily” visit. I always leave feeling wonderful. Jennefer is such a professional who always makes you want to go back for more. I would highly recommend Jennefer if you are looking for a professional in the area to give you the absolute BEST treatment!

Thank you Tiger Lily Therapies!

Sharon Flynn-Strong



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