Brows & Lashes

Frame Your Eyes


I will take the time to properly map, measure, and design your brows so they perfectly suit and compliment your features and the shape of your face. Then, your choice of tint or henna can be applied to enhance your new shape and create a flawless, get up and go look.

I use the most gentle hard wax from Berodin to achieve your perfect shape, protecting the integrity of your delicate skin.

Come on in and see for yourself how perfectly wonderful your brows can be!

Lash Tint

Lashes are treated just as lovingly with a tint in either espresso, black, blue-black, blue, or even violet, to add striking appeal to your eyes. Nothing perks up a pair of peepers more than darkened lashes! This service creates volume and a natural lift to instantly open your eyes.


For your Brows and Lashes

The hair in our brows and lashes needs to be treated with care, just as we do with the hair on our heads. Brow and lash serums offer great hair growth and nourishment support to the root and cuticle, especially during hormonal changes when we are experiencing hair loss in those areas.

Freshly tinted lashes should be pampered. Avoid washing your lashes or applying mascara for the first 24 hours. Avoid aggressively rubbing your eyes, and when you do remove eye makeup and mascara, ensure it is with a professional product that is gentle on your eyes.

Brow Henna will last for two weeks on the skin, and another two on the hair itself. Avoid excessive rubbing or aggressive products on the brows to prevent premature fading.

Above all, enjoy your new look!

“Just as hair frames your face, your brows frame your eyes. Shaping your brows into mini works of art is one of my favourite things to do!”

- Jennefer Davis -

Brows and Lashes Services

Brow Shape

This service covers maintenance for your brows. They will be updated with a great wax, tweeze, and trim. If your brows require reshaping, please book a Brown Design. Enhance further with a brow tint!

Brow Shape $20
15 mins.

Brow Shape and Tint $40
30 mins.

Brow Design

I will shape and tame your brows into submission! You will experience a complete consultation and design to find your perfect shape. Your brows will be mapped, shaped with Berodin hard wax, tweezed and trimmed for a flawless design. Take it to the next level with a tint or henna!

Brow Design $30
30 mins.

Brow Design and Tint $45
45 mins.

Brow Henna

Brow henna is a beautiful treatment that lasts longer than regular tinting, but with less of a commitment than microblading or permanent makeup. It creates a stain on the skin to enhance, widen, or extend your brow line. Supercilium henna from the Netherlands does not leave a red stain; rather, I match a warm or cool tone and the correct depth of colour to best suit you. The effect can last up to two weeks on the skin, and six weeks on the hair. Naturally oily skin will not hold the henna the same way.

Brow Henna $30
30 mins.

Brow Design and Henna $55
60 mins.

Lash Tint

Create some magic with your lashes with the award winning Belmacil! They will look fuller, darker, and with the colour of your choice to enhance your baby blues, browns, hazels or greens! Choose from espresso, black, blue-black, blue and violet!

Lash Tint $25
15 mins.

Before and After

Brow design, henna and lash tint

Brow henna and lash tint

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