Reiki for Animals

I have worked with animals for decades. Having grown up on a family hobby farm, I was exposed to a variety of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats, game birds, pigeons, and many other small to larger family birds. I have a special connection with horses and birds in particular.

I have treated many dogs for barking, biting, and anxiety issues; a few horses for skin concerns; and many cats and birds. I approach each animal as an individual, with an open heart and mind.

If you have an animal that is experiencing trauma, illness, lethargy, or generally doesn’t seem like they usually are, you may consider a treatment for them. In conjunction with Reiki, Bach Flower remedies work wonderfully with animals.They assimilate the Reiki energy and flower remedies so naturally. We have four dogs and three cats in our home, and they all experience different issues at different times. In particular my Persian Gizmo suffered a stroke this year and a day of reiki and a remedy bounced him right back. You wouldn’t know anything had happened! Our whippet Dancer can be quite anxious at times, and a Bach remedy helps to calm her.

Fees vary upon animal and issue

Remedies are dependant upon quantity required

Pet treatments include a remedy and begin at $60

Jennefer Reiki’s a Cardinal

Around dusk one evening in August, something hit our bedroom window very hard. I looked out on the roof, and there was a female cardinal, laying on her side. We took off the screen and opened the window, I reached out and picked her up, cradling her in my hands. Since we have many curious cats and dogs in the house, I went downstairs and out into the backyard with her. My son followed and took the videos as I held and reikied her. She spent about ten to fifteen minutes with me, resting at first all cuddled down in my hands, then as she felt better she stood in my hand. It took her awhile to regain her balance and for her breathing to not be so laboured. Eventually she hopped from my hand onto my robe and sat there a bit. She was in no hurry to leave, and I cherished that time with her. I have been told my mother comes to me in the birds, and I am now very aware of these moments. Finally the cardinal was ready and I walked over to our fence and held out my hand. Still she lingered, and then flew to the fence. She called to her mate who called back, and for me, that was enough.

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