Most of the time when someone comes to me for treatment, they are experiencing a shift in their personal life. This could be due to a variety of reasons… career, new relationship, wanting to end a relationship, new baby, a death, etc. All of these are stressors and things we deal with throughout life, and they all represent a common denominator ~ change.

My family has recently gone through a big change. We moved to a new home, in a new town. Not only is moving a stressful time, but relocating from a city you’ve lived in for several years is a big adjustment. Both my partner and I had to rethink our commute to work; we have a wonderful new home to care for, and new expenses are popping up all the time; my son just graduated so didn’t have to switch schools, but did need to find work and make new friends in a new town; and we are adjusting to life in a new place with new people. My business was another concern as my current clients who live south of Newmarket may not wish to commute to Innisfil, and I would have to rebuild. My northern clients were ecstatic!

So I reflected on the things I would offer my clients… take time to ground yourself. Get enough sleep so your energy levels are balanced. Eat healthy foods. Take a remedy (I must make myself a remedy!) Draw close to your roots and family for support ~ they are going through this with you! In essence, find happiness within the change, and look for the positive things that will happen through the process. Do not look forward with fear, instead, move forward in love.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far it is this; change is inevitable.

We will always experience change, and must in order to grow and learn and experience great things. After all, it is only when we go through things that are uncomfortable for us, that we embrace who we are truly destined to become.

So remember that the next time you experience a shift; go forward in love, not fear. Be courageous and brave. It is your destiny to be great.