So it’s been one heck of a year. I haven’t posted a blog since April! Not that I haven’t thought about writing…. I have many times, and I’ve been working on my novel, but posting a blog hasn’t been in the forefront. What has been, is surviving the many changes this year has brought to my business.

I, like many owners of small businesses, have had to jump through many hoops and come up with some creative ideas in order to keep my doors open. Now, we are in the middle of another lockdown and I wonder at the final outcome.

I meet with my Reiki Mastery students every month, and the main discussion during our meeting in December was on Intention. We finished one of the assigned books and reflected on what the message was, and of course, compared that message to what was happening around the world. Intention kept coming up as the main lesson to learn. For example, the intentions of those around us who are fighting the need to be safe and wear masks and take necessary precautions, versus those of us who accept what is happening and gladly follow the rules laid out by our governments. 

Let the Water Flow

I told them a story of a friend who recently heard a man shouting at the doctors office, refusing to wear a mask. He argued that he was not living in a communist society, and would not give up his human rights. He was finally told to leave. I wonder at his intentions. Why was he fighting so hard against wearing a mask? Why risk himself and others around him, simply to take a stand against an alleged infringement of his rights?

My answer to this is simple. If we fight against an issue, it is usually always harder to move through. If we view the problem as if it were a brick wall, it’s usually impassable. Instead, treat it like water. You can stand in a river and the water will flow around you. It will bend to you. It will pass, and you will move through it much easier than if it were a wall.


So that man, yelling and getting all worked up and upsetting the staff and patients at the doctor’s office, was treating wearing a mask like a wall. If he simply surrenders to the situation, he will have a far easier time moving through it.

I’ll say that again.

If you surrender to a situation, you will have a far easier time moving through it. Treat it like water.

Your intention says everything.

Making a Difference

So, for my business, I have focused my intention of helping people get through this year. I work with Bach Flower Remedies, and I had been receiving requests from people to help them with symptoms of depression, anxiety, restlessness, poor concentration, etc. I quickly saw the need for some common blends, and developed the idea of six homeopathic remedies to treat the same conditions I was being asked for help with. This lead to hours of research on the blends, the creation of a new label, some branding materials, videos, and finally, the finished product, which rolled out in the fall. It was definitely a labour of love, and I took it on with passion and Intention! Receiving the first orders and boxing and shipping them out was a wonderful feeling. I saw a way through this for my business, and I was making a difference for people and helping them, which is what my whole purpose is!

Intention is everything.

Having Faith

We’ve all had a hard year, some of us far more than others. I can’t imagine losing a loved one through this, or even being one who is sick and alone in the hospital. I count myself and my family lucky that no one has gotten sick. But I know many others who have lost people or have been sick themselves. It’s a scary time in our world, and for those people who aren’t taking it seriously, I believe they are staring up at the highest wall of all.

I would much rather regard Covid as a fast moving river and surrender to the situation. Focus my intention of moving forward, having faith that at some point, I will step onto solid ground again.

Until then my friends, let the water flow around you.