On Kindness

"Kindness is in our power; even when fondness is not." Samuel Jackson

Jennefer’s Blog

Jennefer and the Wounded Sparrow

“One of my most memorable and incredible Reiki moments came in 2012, when I was presented with the opportunity to help a wounded bird. I was eating dinner with colleagues, and a small bird hit the window next to our table. It was a very hard hit, and I immediately got...

On Strength

The past year has brought so much change. I haven't written much because I've been busy with life; rebuilding, learning, coping, finding love (within myself and others) and exploring this new relationship that is about to cross the one year threshold. The past year...

On Making Space

  I’ve spoken to many people about the last year, and I’ve heard a common theme. It was hard. It was terrible. It was trying. There was sadness, loss, and grief. It seems 2017 brought with it something else as well…. lessons. I was not immune to the relative...

On Trust

This is a big one for many people, the ability to trust another person. When we are young, this usually comes easily; we can be too trusting in people and often experience being taken advantage of in our naivety. Not trusting people comes from the experience of being...

On Integrity

It was during my last Reiki Level II class that one student asked, “There are many different levels of Reiki being offered. What makes our training (Level I and Level II in Usui) different than the 10 levels offered?” I turned to my Reiki Master (we were co-teaching...

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