“One of my most memorable and incredible Reiki moments came in 2012, when I was presented with the opportunity to help a wounded bird.

I was eating dinner with colleagues, and a small bird hit the window next to our table. It was a very hard hit, and I immediately got up and went outside to help the bird. Behind me I heard my colleagues wondering what I was doing, having left the table so abruptly.

I went outside, and sure enough, the small bird was laying on its side beneath the window, its eyes closed. My first thought was, well, I’ll just help it pass, out of pain.

I crouched down and picked up the bird and cradled it in my hands. Her head was limp and it seemed quite injured, a small drop of blood in her eye, and she was barely breathing. In that moment, I can remember feeling such care and compassion for this little sparrow, and my left hand covered her while I cradled her in my other hand. I reikied her for several minutes. Soon, I felt a small movement in my hands and I lifted my hand to look. The bird’s eyes and mouth had opened, and it was now panting softly. I felt this surge of energy and hope sweep over me, and inside, one of my colleagues was at the window taking pictures. I looked at her and smiled and showed her the bird. She shook her head in wonder.

Behind her some people had gathered to watch. I continued to reiki the sparrow and next thing I knew, she fluttered her wings and sat up in my hand! Her beak was still open as she continued to pant, but her eyes were clearing. After a few more minutes, her breathing slowed and she closed her beak. She just sat in my hand, regarding me. I thought to myself, “Ok, now you’re just hanging out,” and I stood up. She was going to be fine, and I held out my hand, expecting her fly away. Instead, something truly incredible happened. She flew to my left shoulder and leaned into me, her body resting against mine. I looked at her and felt this wave of gratitude from her. I held out my right hand and again she flew back to it instead of flying away! This wild bird was staying with me, completely comfortable and trusting.

She then hopped around on my hand to face me again and tilted her head. Every part of me knew she was saying thank you. I smiled and said to her, “You’re welcome, now go find your family,” and off she flew. The whole encounter was maybe ten minutes. I have had many special and wonderful moments in Reiki, but this by far is one of my most precious. If you have ever wondered about learning Reiki, please don’t hesitate. The moments that will enrich your life afterwards will be countless.”