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Jennefer Davis

Jennefer Davis

Reiki Teacher/Therapist

James and Liz practice Reiki healing on Silvia~

Learning from Jennefer was an ideal experience. She opened her home and the beautiful energy within to our group, and I immediately felt included and safe. Jennefer’s teachings helped me understand the history of Rei Ki more easily and reconfirmed my desire to be a Rei Ki practitioner. She is positive, welcoming, and nurturing. The attunement process was a divine experience, and I could feel Jennefer’s glowing energy surrounding me and the rest of our group. Jennefer is also genuinely a joy to learn from – she is fun, very approachable, and skilled in her work. I highly recommend Jennefer as a teacher as well as Rei Ki Master; she holds you in light and in more than capable hands. Dec 2014


Reiki Level I Student

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