Approach situations with joy, kindness and trust, and everything is possible.

Jennefer Davis

Jennefer Davis

Reiki Teacher/Therapist

Holistic Energy

Reiki is fast becoming a well known form of alternative therapy. It aids us in so many areas, throughout the many obstacles we move through in life. The shifts I’ve seen in people have truly been inspiring. If you haven’t experienced a session, please allow me to show you a new way of healing. Mind, body, and soul.

Learning from Jennefer was an ideal experience. She opened her home and the beautiful energy within to our group, and I immediately felt included and safe. Jennefer’s teachings helped me understand the history of Rei Ki more easily and reconfirmed my desire to be a Rei Ki practitioner. She is positive, welcoming, and nurturing. The attunement process was a divine experience, and I could feel Jennefer’s glowing energy surrounding me and the rest of our group. Jennefer is also genuinely a joy to learn from – she is fun, very approachable, and skilled in her work. I highly recommend Jennefer as a teacher as well as Rei Ki Master; she holds you in light and in more than capable hands.


Reiki Level I Student ~ Dec 2014

I attended the first level Rei Ki class by Jennefer with an open mind and no expectations. All I have to say is: WOW!!! Didn’t expect such a transformational change in my body, soul, mind and spirit. Totally Amazing!!! After the first attunement, I could feel my whole body buzzing with feel-good energies. I am now addicted to the feeling and practice on my husband and on myself every day.  Thank you so much Jennefer for opening my eyes and mind to Reiki. I can’t wait to continuing to level two Rei Ki.


Reiki Level I & II Student ~ Jul 2014, Mar 2016